About Trailcom


AutoPacific Group are a world leader in innovative towing solutions. In 2012 the company established its business in New Zealand when it purchased the well-known trailer components brand Trojan, trading as Trail Com. Since then the company has expanded into the full range of brands offered by AutoPacific Group.

AutoPacific New Zealand Limited employs over 35 staff and has a suite of towing solutions that are a traditional kiwi ‘household brand ’. If you own a boat the trailer it sits on is probably littered with Trojan branded products as the company has been marketing them for over 30 years. The key factors to success in NZ’s tough coastal environment has been to provide corrosion resistant products, highly durable couplings as well as, since 2014, the towing system on the back of your vehicle, whatever the brand of vehicle you drive we likely have a solution for your towing needs.

AutoPacific New Zealand Limited
Trading as Trail Com

Trojan is part of the Cequent Group of brands.