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6m Black Winch Rope, Capacity (940kg)

Manufactured from black rope

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On orders $0 to $2,000
No more cut hands! These winch ropes are manufactured from a high strength synthetic material. They offer very high strength and will not deteriorate or fracture like wire. Two versions offered. Black ropes are for smaller lighter boats and the Blue ropes are our premium product suitable for heavier boats. All ropes are supplied with fitted stainless steel hooks


Part No: Part No Loose: Colors: Length: Capacity: Dia:  Hook Dia:
T862018  T921830  Black  4 meters  940kg  8mm  10mm 
T862020 T921850 Black 
5 meters
T862029  T921860  Black   6 meters  940kg  8mm  10mm 
T862034  T921740  Blue  4 meters  1200kg  6mm  11mm 
T862035  N/A Blue  5 meters  1200kg  6mm  11mm  
T862036  N/A Blue  6 meters  1200kg  6mm  11mm  
T862037  T921770  Blue  7 meters  1200kg  6mm  11mm  
T862038  T921780  Blue  8 meters  1200kg  6mm  11mm  
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