Brake Tubing - Copper

Part No Name Pack Size Weight Price
T867602 COPPER TUBING 3/16 200M ROLL RL 50 KG 1083.18
T867600R COPPER TUBING 3/16 15M ROLL PR 1 KG 116.45
T179085R BUNDY TUBING 3/16 12M ROLL PR 0 KG 125.40

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Trailcom markets 3 types of tubing for trailer use. Two copper versions and a bundy tubing. What are the differences? All of the tubing offered by Trailcom has been sourced from reliable local and overseas suppliers. We offer 3 differing grades of tubing to meet the varying needs of our customers. In particular trailer manufacturers looking for good quality easy-to-work-with ductile tubing.

1. Premium copper tubing - T179804R is of is 3/16th pipe of a ductile nature and is more malleable for use within the trailering industry. The premium quality means that it is more easily worked with and can be adapted, bent and curved to make piping for brake systems more effective and reliable.

2. High Grade copper tubing - T867600R is a 3/16th pipe of a slightly less ductile nature to the premium grade tubing and is a more cost effective solution to trailer brake construction. This grade pipe is slightly more difficult to work with in tight corners but provides similar performance criteria to the premium grade tubing. This is also available in 200m rolls as needed. The standard 15m roll is also an option.

3. Bundy tubing - T179085R 3/16th is a double walled low carbon steel that has been made from a copper coated low carbon steel that is rolled and resistance brazed to form the tube. Bundy tubing is generally an automotive grade tubing used in some motor vehicle and trailer applications that may require a higher level of reliability with a similar cost to High Grade tubing T867600R.

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