D-Shackles - Galvanised

Part No Name Pack Size Weight Price
TAG4100 D SHACKLE 6MM EA 0 KG 2.91
T335005 D SHACKLE GALV 6MM PK 0 KG 2.96
T335010 D SHACKLE GALV 8MM PK 0 KG 2.87
TAG4300 D SHACKLE 10MM EA 0 KG 2.28
T335015 D SHACKLE GALV 10MM PK 0 KG 4.72
TAG4200 D SHACKLE 8MM EA 0 KG 1.59
TAG4400 D SHACKLE 12MM EA 0 KG 4.38
T335017 D SHACKLE GALV 12MM PK 0 KG 6.24

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Not recommended for lifting purposes.
Part No: Part No (Packed): Description:
TAG100 T335005 6mm Galvanised D-Shackle, 400kg breaking strain
TAG200 T335010 8mm Galvanised D-Shackle,800kg breaking strain
TAG300 T335015 10mm Galvanised D-Shackle, 1200kg breaking strain
TAG4400 T335017 12mm Galvanised D-Shackle, 2400kg breaking strain 
This product does not have any spare parts.