D-Shackles - Stainless Steel

Part No Name Pack Size Weight Price
T375012 D SHACKLE S/S 12MM - PKGD PK 0 KG 22.9200
T375010 D SHACKLE S/S 10MM - PKGD PK 0 KG 17.1200
T375008 D SHACKLE S/S 8MM - PKGD PK 0 KG 9.2100
T870010 D SHACKLE S/S 10MM EA 0 KG 11.0500
T870008 D SHACKLE S/S 8MM EA 0 KG 8.7800

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Great for Marine application! Made from 316 graded stainless steel. Not recommended for lifting purposes.
This product does not have any spare parts.