Duratorque Half Beam Axle

Fixed length to suit any width trailer. *Note: Hubs sold separately.
Part No Name Pack Size Weight Price
T092055LH D/TORQUE 10"DRUM LH (1500KG PER PAIR) EA 16 KG 725.60
T081010RH D/TORQUE MULTI RH (1000KG PER PAIR) EA 16 KG 630.51
T092040RH D/TORQUE MULTI RH (2200KG PER PAIR) EA 19 KG 748.76
T092040LH D/TORQUE MULTI LH (2200KG PER PAIR) EA 20 KG 748.76

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Note: These half type are sold & priced per side.

Each side has the same part number but it is followed by either LH or RH.

Those shown as RETRO fit are a direct replacement for very early versions.

The capacity stamped on each half is the capacity for 1 pair not each one.



If Tandem then the carrying capacity of each Duratorque is to be reduced by 25%



The following table details the minimum measurements from hub face to spring / bracket mounting center.

Fig Model Type: 1000kg, 1500kg, 1750kg  2200kg 3000kg
A Two Piece 220mm 210mm N/A
  Two Piece Retro 200mm N/A
B Two Piece  340 - 440mm 340 - 440mm  N/A  
All Disc  163mm  165mm  165mm 
  Hyd Drum 80mm  N/A  N/A 
  Elec Drum 10" 95mm  N/A  N/A 
  Elec Drum 12"  N/A   N/A   N/A  
All  60mm  60mm  25mm 
All  30mm  30mm  30mm 
F All  145mm 125mm 145mm


Note: Hub equipment is to be ordered separately. Early model hubs will not fit on retro Duratorques.

Part No: Capacity: Type: Hub Type:
T081010LH / RH 

Non braked & disc braked 
T081015LH / RH   1000kg Retro Non braked & disc braked
T081016LH / RH  1500kg  Retro  Non braked & disc braked 
T081020LH / RH  1500kg    Non braked & disc braked 
T092055LH / RH  1500kg    Electric braked 
T092057LH / RH 1750kg    Electric braked 
T092040LH / RH  2200kg   Non braked & disc braked


Non braked & disc braked 
Non braked & disc braked 
This product does not have any spare parts.