How do I know what bearings I have on my trailer?
  Need to inspect the hub for size.
How do I know what springs to buy for my trailer?
  Need to measure the spring from anchor to anchor.
How do I get my dura –torque trailer axle re-rubbered?
  Bring it to Trailcom for measure and quote
What at the towing standards for New Zealand?
  Visit the LTSA website
What things can I fail my warrant on?
  Lights / rust / bearings / tyres
Should dura-torque axles be leading or trailing your trailer?
Could I please have some standard bearings?
  What are the bearing numbers (we have a sheet for this will give to Steve)
I need a new winch what size have I got?
  a. How much does it weigh? b. Is it on rollers or skids? c. How much effort are you willing to put in?
Q LED’s vs standard lights?
  Our LED’s are MV built in cable and no bulbs to replace.
Pies or Pizza?
  Pies and pizza!
What is the difference between Mk3 and MK7 Callipers?
  Nothing really, they take the same piston, calliper kits and brake pads.
Will MK2 Callipers fit on the latest brake stub axle?
  No, you will need the Upgrade Calliper, TPT1099
Are MK2 Calliper spare parts available?
  Yes, you can purchase the brake pads, pistons and calliper kits.
Are spare parts available for Trojan Jockey Wheels?
  Yes just the handles and wheels, in most cases.
Do you have a Duo Ball set up that takes the 3 size towballs, 1 7/8, 50mm and 2 5/16?
  No our Duo Ball sets only have the 1 7/8 and 50mm towballs, and we sell a separate towball, 2 5/16 part number T541036