Duratorque Axles

Duratorque® is a superior suspension system suitable for use on all types of trailers. An alternative to traditional leaf spring suspension systems duratorque axles provide a smooth ride for any trailer. Whether you are needing a full beam, gull-wing or need an independent type suspension there is a duratorque for every option.

Duratorque axles are particularly well suited to use in marine applications where corrosion resistance is critical and with the added protection of galvanising these axles also out-last most spring types.


If Tandem then the carrying capacity of each Duratorque is to be reduced by 25%

Maintenance – there is very little maintenance required on the duratorque axle system, regular checking of the rubbers, lubricating as needed and general inspection usually suffice and when you need to re-invigorate your ride we can re-rubber your axles at a reasonable cost.