Hub Kits Disc Braked

  • Our range of braked hub kits are designed to fit our Duratorque and beam axles but should also fit most NZ manufactured trailer axles.
  • Our Hubs are grouped by GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) load rating which is based on a single axle and a pair of hubs. 
  • A check of your existing bearing numbers will determine our hubs suitability to your existing axle. Refer to our bearing kits section of this catalogue, Match the "L" or "LM" number to our bearing kit to determine the hub GVM rating.  If you don't find a match you may need a new hub and stub set.
  • Check current disc brake diameter, 225mm are the 1500KG GVM and 275mm are the 2000KG GVM
  • Our range of hubs come in a wide variety of wheel stud patterns to suit the most common wheel sizes.
  • The most common is a 5 stud pattern and PCD measurement of 4 1/2 inch and fits our most commonly stocked rims and tyres.
  • Our braked hub kits in this range have either an intergral cast on disc, bolt on cast iron rotor disc or stainless steel rotor disc options.