Disc Brake Calipers

Trojan offer a range of brake calipers which cover all light trailer applications. This allows the user to select the correct product for their particular application. The following pages show descriptions of the products available plus part numbers. Shown below is clarification of some of the terminology used.

Cast Iron Calipers - Hydraulic Type

These are cast in SG iron and are Electro Zinc Plated for protection against corrosion. These calipers are fitted with a Phenolic piston which is a high strength non rusting material. Fittings, such as slide pins and bleed screws, are brass while other fittings are Stainless Steel. These calipers have a stopping capacity of 1500kg per pair when used with 225mm dia rotors and 2000kg with 275mm dia rotors.

Stainless Steel Calipers - Hydraulic Type

These are cast in high grade Stainless Steel and offer total protection against corrosion. Ideally suited for fitment to boat trailers. These calipers are also fitted with Phenolic pistons and other fittings are either brass or stainless steel. The brake pads supplied with these calipers have a stainless steel backing plate, which prevents brake lining separation from corrosion. Other specifications are the same as the above cast iron version.

Retro Fit Calipers - Hydraulic Type

These calipers are available in cast iron only and allow the direct replacement of the early MK2 Trojan hydraulic calipers which are no longer available. The only difference between the current calipers and these conversion types is the position of the mounting bolts. All other specifications are the same.