Roller U-brackets

Part No Name Pack Size Weight Price
T288700 U BRACKET SUIT MK3 EA 0 KG 7.75
T288800 U BRACKET SUIT MK2 EA 0 KG 11.06
T292300 U BRACKET - 200MM SIDE ROLLER EA 1 KG 18.85
T292200 U BRACKET - 100MM SIDE ROLLER EA 0 KG 11.71
T293800 U-BRACKET SUIT MK5/10 ROLLER EA 0 KG 15.10

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Used for mounting rollers to the trailer chassis.


Part No: Part No Each Loose Inside Width
T288700 80mm MK3 Keel
T288800  90mm  MK2 Keel 
T292200  110mm  100mm Side 
T292300  210mm  200mm Side 
T293800  145mm  MK5 & MK10 Keel 


This product does not have any spare parts.