Spare Parts

Spare Parts
Part No Name Pack Size Weight Price
T274009 LOCK TAB KIT PK 0 KG 42.55
T812600 BOLT SHACKLE 1/2 X3" HT Z/P EA 0 KG 5.68
T812605 NYLOCK NUT 1/2" Z/P UNC EA 0 KG 1.82
T274028 SHACKLE BOLT&NUT 1/2inX 3in PR PK 0 KG 14.02
T274025 SHACKLE BOLT& NUT M16 X85 PAIR PK 0 KG 18.54

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Trojan offer a wide range of Braked & Non Braked Hubs & Stub Axles in various forms and capacities . This allows the user to select the correct product for their particular application . The following pages show descriptions of the products available plus part numbers. Shown below is clarification of some of the terminology used.

Hub Kits

These kits do not include Stub Axles and are for use on products such as Duratorques and Beam Axles where the Stub Axle is pre-fitted.

Hub & Stub sets

These use the same Hubs as above but include Stub Axles. Required when the user is fabricating their own axles.


This shows the number of studs fitted to the hubs, the pitch circle diameter and the stud diameter i.e. 5 x 4 1/2 x 1/2. This shows the Hub is 5 stud, has a 4 1/2” pitch circle and the studs are 1/2” diameter.

Flange diameter

This shows the outside diameter of the hub flange that the wheel studs are fitted to.

Stub Axle diameter

This refers to the diameter of the part of the stub axle which fits into and is welded to the axle beam. Integral Hub & Rotor

This relates to Disc Brake Hubs where the Hub & Disc Rotor are cast as one piece. Also refers to Drum Brakes where the Hub & Drum are one casting.

Bolt on Rotor type Hubs

These hubs have provision for bolting on Disc Brake Rotors should it be decided to fit brakes at a later date.It also makes for simple replacement of worn rotors.

Stub Axle & Yoke/Flange

This means the Stub Axle is fitted with a bracket allowing Disc Brake Calipers or Drum Brake Backing Plates to be bolted on.

Top Hat Rotor Type Hubs

This type of hub is an integral hub and rotor where the gap between the hub and rotor is filled in simulating a top hat appearance. These hubs are very common to Australian built trailers.

All Tro jan Hubs offer the following features :

• All hubs are either Electro Zinc Plated or Galvanised.

• Only top quality Japanese Bearings are supplied unless customer specifies otherwise. (Except 3000kg)

• Grease Seals supplied with all hubs are Marine type with Stainless Steel fittings. (Except 3000kg)

• All Hub Kits and Hub & Stub sets are supplied complete with Bearings, Seals, Grease Caps, Axle Nuts, Washers & Split Pins.

• All kits & sets are sold as pairs, with the exception of 3000kg versions.

Usage recommendations for Trojan Hubs & Brake Equipment :

Disc brakes are suitable for any application where superior stopping power & low maintenance is required. The only brake recommended for boat trailers.

Drum brakes should not be fitted to boat trailers as lack of performance and high maintenance costs will be incurred.

All Trojan hubs are rated per pair. When used in Tandem this rating should be reduced by 25%.

All Trojan hydraulic brakes can be operated by an override coupling to a maximum of 2500kg GVW. Over this weight a river controlled brake system is required.

Electric drum brakes are commonly fitted to Caravans & Horse Floats. A brake controller is required. These brakes     have a integral mechanical park brake included. Trailer mounted controllers are available up to 2500kg.