StrongArm® Electric Winch - 1400kg

Part No Name Pack Size Weight Price
T470015 WINCH ELECTRIC 9000lbs TW9000DC (#43580) EA 0 KG 1887.75
T470016 WINCH ELECTRIC 4000lbs TW4000DC (#43579) EA 0 KG 1266.06

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3000 lb. (1400kg) DC winch designed for vehicle/boat trailer use.

For boats up to 9000 lbs.

Built to same high quality standards as regular SA-series StrongArm winches, but loaded with 2 inch by 20 foot web strap and hook.

Power-in, power-out and freewheel operation with dynamic brake and mechanical friction brake.
Includes emergency crank handle in case of power loss.

This product does not have any spare parts.