Taper leaf Spring kits

Part No Name Pack Size Weight Price
T267060 SPRING KIT 600KG TAPER LEAF GV PK 10 KG 228.61
T267140 SPRING KIT 1400KG TAPER LEAFGV PK 12 KG 280.27
T267100 SPRING KIT 1000KG TAPER LEAFGV PK 11 KG 239.26

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These Trojan Spring Kits include 1 x pair Springs, Hangers, Bolts, Slippers, U-Bolts & Plates
- Springs are Dacromet coated.
Part No: Capacity per Pair: No of leaves & sizes: O/A length / Eye to center bolt: Eye Dia:
T267060 600kg 1 - 45mm Taper 765 - 350mm 
1/2 inch
T267100  1000kg  1 - 45mm Taper
765 - 350mm  
1/2 inch 
T267140  1400kg  1 - 45mm Taper
765 - 350mm
1/2 inch 
This product does not have any spare parts.