Winch F2™ 725kg

Part No Name Pack Size Weight Price
FW16000101 WINCH F2 1600LB EA 0 KG 259.54
XLT202B101 WINCH XLT 2000LB 2 SPEED EA 0 KG 288.05
FW20000101 WINCH F2 2000LB EA 0 KG 322.85
T32000301 WINCH F2 HEAVY DUTY 3200 LB EA 0 KG 540.37
FW32000101 WINCH F2 2 SPEED EA 0 KG 454.56
K25500301 WINCH BRAKED 1500LB EA 0 KG 429.83

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F2™ Winch, w/strap 725kgs capacity. Two piece corrosion resistant aluminum frame. One piece corrosion resistant aluminum handle. Dual gear drum operates smoothly. Left or right handed attachment. 2 position handle adjusts from 6" to 7" models available with or without 20' strap.
Part No: Description: Rating:
FW16000101 Fulton Winsh F2™ 725kg
 FW20000101 Fulton Winsh F2™  900kg 
FW32000101 Fulton Winsh F2™
K25500301 Fulton Winch Braked 1150kg
K6500101 Fulton Winch Braked 295kg
KW1500103 Fulton Winch Worm Gear 680kg
KW2000103 Fulron Winch Worm Gear 900kg
This product does not have any spare parts.