LED Light Board - 12V - 24V

Part No Name Pack Size Weight Price
T822150 LIGHT BOARD 1.5MTR LED 12V-24V MULTI EA 3 KG 67.07
T822180 LIGHT BOARD 1.8MTR LED 12V-24V MULTI EA 3 KG 68.51

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These new LED light boards can be operated using a standard 7-pin connector to your vehicle wiring loom. The LED lights have an ultra-long life expectancy and with the LED’s omitting 5-800 Lumens and a life expectancy in the region of 25000 hours.

The boards are made of a high impact light weight plastic as well as the actual light casing made from high impact UV protected plastic polymer. Each light board comes with a 6m cable and 7-pin male connector.

Available in 1.5m and 1.8m lengths. 




This product does not have any spare parts.