About Trojan New Zealand

Since the 1960s Trojan has been manufacturing quality trailer, boat, and caravan components for New Zealand trailers and caravan builders.

From humble beginnings as a family company, Trojan has grown to represent one of the strongest and most reliable brands in the sector. Through this time Trojan has become a successful manufacturer, distributing through New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific.

Trojan has close alignment with some of the top trailer builders throughout the region. A key factor to Trojan's longevity has been testing our products for New Zealand’s tough coastal environment, focusing on products that are corrosion-resistant and highly durable.

Trojan's range covers couplings, suspension, hubs, brake components, lighting, electrical wiring, wheels, hardware, winches, axles, and much more. Trojan also distributes towing accessories and premium off-road towing equipment into the New Zealand market through partner brands such as Hayman Reese and Cruisemaster.

Trojan Trailer Parts are proudly part of the AutoPacific Group, a world leader in innovative 4WD, towing, and trailering solutions. 

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