Roller Pins - Stainless Steel

Part No Name Pack Size Weight Price
TR85500 ROLLER PIN S/S 115MM 5/8 EA 0 KG 16.44
TR85530 ROLLER PIN S/S 225MM 5/8 EA 0 KG 24.37
TR85550 ROLLER PIN S/S S/CNTR 340MM3/4 EA 1 KG 51.90
TR8550S ROLLER PIN S/S 120MM 5/8 EA 0 KG 17.44
TR85540 ROLLER PIN S/S 240MM 5/8 EA 0 KG 29.55
TR85510 ROLLER PIN S/S 140MM 5/8 EA 0 KG 20.22
TR85520 ROLLER PIN S/S 180MM 5/8 EA 0 KG 21.25

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Part No:  Overall Length: Hole Centers: Dia:
R85500 115mm 100mm 5/8 inch
TR8550S  120mm  105mm  5/8 inch 
R85510  140mm  120mm  5/8 inch 
R85520  180mm  155mm  5/8 inch 
R85530  225mm  215mm  5/8 inch 
R85540  240mm  225mm  5/8 inch 
R85550  340mm  325mm  3/4 inch 
This product does not have any spare parts.