Rubber Bow Snub Blocks & Rollers

Part No Name Pack Size Weight Price
TR85250 SNUB BLOCK - LARGE EA 1 KG 15.22
T415041 SNUB BLOCK - GREY EA 1 KG 21.40
TR85260 SNUB BLOCK - SMALL EA 1 KG 12.41
T414005 ROLLER - SNUB 100MM DIA EA 0 KG 33.29

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Part No: Type: Description:
TR85250 A V Block, 160mm long x 75mm wide, 4 bolt mount.
TR85260  V Block, 150mm long x 45mm wide, 4 bolt mount. 
T414005  V Block, 100mm long x 75mm wide, 1/2 bore. 
T415041  V Block, 95mm long x 85mm wide, swivel mount. Grey. 
This product does not have any spare parts.